The Radical dressing of the 80s

The 80s introduced us to the diamond encrusted Disco age. The style icons especially bollywood stars were experimenting with disco ball dressing and exaggerated head gears. Jiving In bell bottoms and maxi dresses were dream girls like Zeenat Aman and Hema Malini. Eye makeup was twiggy inspired, thick, bold with plastic eyelashes. The 80s were a decade of disco dancing, frosted clothing and nest hair dos. Here are some of the most radical and Oh My god picks from The Disco Dancer era.



Rekha’s Frosting--

Rekha had a major turnaround during this period. Revered as one of the most beautiful ladies, she lost all her teenage baby fat and adopted this new avatar. While her movies like Umrao Jaan and Silsiley witnessed her adopting yards and yards of supple silks and one tone sarees, this look was what went completely Bazinga! Bling head gears, over the top makeup and gaudy accessories were seen more than once in her photo shoot.











The Cabaret Fever -

Owing to Saturday night fever in the west, bollywood tried to sort of imbibe the same vibe, but well…it's safe to say now that we sure had some heat throbbing wins! Zeenat Aman in her song Laila main Laila, sported everything famous about the disco theme. She was seen swaying to the tunes in a shimmering silver dress with a classic disco age subtle head gear. Cabaret touch in the dressing was a favourite trend with the ladies. Side slits and one piece were beginning to make the rounds in the fashion circle.












Head Gears and encrusting-

Caught between a world that was trying to find its way in west influenced fashion and heritage jewellery we sure did an overdose on too many things. Pearls and polkis were often accompanied with polka dot swish dresses and sequined outfits.















Side burns and wide legged pants-

For the guys the 70s blended seamlessly with the 80s. The sideburns stayed and so did the wide legged bottoms. What changes you ask? Mithun Chakraborty came in with a BAM! Sporting a disco fabric all over and bell bottoms in the most remarkable shades of gold and silver, Jimmy taught the guys to experiment and not be afraid to shine a little brighter.













Cover me up sunglasses-

A transition of bling to bold saw a radical shift in the dressing as well. The late 80s witnessed single tone sarees and trickled down all over suits vibed up with huge sunglasses. The platonic shift also brought the end of nest hair dos and flaunted the more sophisticated bangs and blow dried hair. Dimple kapadia and Zeenat Aman and Sri Devi were the goddesses of these looks.











Sportswear glamour-

With the world paying attention to India and vice versa, a lot of grunge influences were brought in by casual and sportswear. People were seen sporting long jersey shirts with subtle shorts or denims. The hair was simple and makeup minimal. Done were the days of caked up makeup and cat eyes. While we all remember the good old polka girls, the disco mini and the scratch me up hair styles, the 80 continue to influence the dressing today. Be it miniskirts, bling night outfits or sultry disco dresses, we continue to parole in these over the top trends, albeit a little subdued now!














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