Five non-bollywood women who bewitched us with their style

Bollywood has always been a point of reference when it comes to snazzy styles and fashion statements, but here we bring you a curated article enlisting 5 strong women who have enchanted the world with their dressing style and statement fashion.


Rajmata Gayatri Devi- 

The sultry chiffon saree and that enchanting string of pearl had everyone stunned for the longest time possible. Till date Maharani Gayatri Devi is revered as the most beautiful and best dresses women of the world. The statement chiffon saree and the pearl string became an epitome of elegance and is seen imitated by women world over even today.










Neeta Ambani-

Never one to shy from keeping it chic, Neeta Ambani is always seen dressed to the nines. A vision in ethnic as well as formal wear, Nita Ambani’s statement is appealing and mesmerising as her philanthropic nature.















Sona Mahapatra-

What is better than a soulful voice? Why? A stunning style to go with it! Sona Mahapatra is an international singer who has entrapped the world with her dynamic voice and not so shy style statement. A strong personality, she is a power house of bold fashion statement.















Priyanka Gandhi-

Tottering in the footsteps of the powerful women of her family, Priyanka Gandhi has adopted the heritage hand spun cotton sarees of our nation. Usually accentuated with a contrast border and complemented with subtle blouses, these ensembles go beautifully with her pristine demeanour.








Priya Kishore-

The driving force behind the concept store Bombay Electric, Priya Kishore can work wonders when it comes to fashion and style. Adhering to chic look bordering on bold statements, Priya never misses to surprise and inspire us.





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