Five types of fashion stereotype friends we all have

We all evolve and revolve around certain fashion cults and pick elements that we associate most with. While we may not be the same we are certainly similar and going by that theory we bring to you the five kinds of fashion stereotype friends we all find in a group!




1. The ‘I live in jeans’ kind

We all have that one friend who got married to the denims the day they met She lives in them, eats in them,studies in them and parties in them. When you are locked up in your room trying to figure out what to wear to an outing, she is banging at your door, looking effortlessly chic in her denims and sequined top.





2. The ‘Phoebe’ of the group

It is always life altering to have that one friend who loves the ways of the nature and abides by them. She keeps her hands off all things synthetic and believes in wearing the finest of fabrics in the most hand me down ways. You can identify her with her artsy air, kohl lined eyes and beautiful cotton ensembles.






3. The ‘power puff girls sunshine’ girl

She is an epitome of Lolita dressing and a somewhat overwhelming example of cute dressing. Sleek hair, floral hairband, sunshine summer dress and a figure to kill for. This friend is the all time power puff girls sunshine fashion girl. She is always prim and proper and can make anyone swoon over her flawless ways.





4. The ‘I don’t care I have discovered the meaning of life girl’, lives in Pjs most of the times

Well the title says it pretty much! She doesn’t care about dressing up looks geeky grunge anyways. Comfortable Pjs and a graphic shirt is all she needs to get through the day. Sometime you envy the ease with which she claims the grunge fashion and that too in Pjs!





5. The ‘Marilyn Monroe’ of the group

she is stylish and the most reliable source of all trends and fashion related FAQs. You look up to her when it comes to dressing and sporting the trendiest of outfits. She makes a statement with her snazzy dressing and you are always allowed to plunge in her immense wardrobe!




We know you have associate your friends with one or the other kind! Go ahead and tell us what is your favorite pick of these dress up styles!

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