10 perks of having a shopaholic friend

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Friends are the best things that can happen to you! They help get through tough times, share your happiness and are your own personal fashion stylists!

Here are the 10 best things about having a shopaholic friend with a wardrobe the size of Narnia!


1.You know the best bargaining ways


Years and years of going around shopping in numerous blocks have given you the practice to pitch for the right amount! Thanks to your shopaholic friend you know how to haggle and have developed an eye for the best picks all around!


2.You know the different brands and what they sell


You need a skirt sure! I will tell you where to buy it! Thanks to your friend you know which high end brand sells what and which store has the best picks for your needs. Shopping is no more tiresome and you can take your pick with expertise.


3.They know every nook and corner for all your needs


They can source every commodity on earth and they have gracefully shared the knowledge with you. They know the block, the corner and the shop for anything and everything you need. A beautiful tiara from alien land? Sure I know where you can but that ;)


4.You know all the latest trends


Thanks to them you know what’s the big trend this season. You know what to wear at parties and you know what colour is in. They give you the latest fashion news and all the fashion style gossip. You didn’t read the fashion magazine this month? No issue, here’s what’s new!


5.Their closet is a Disney land


Their closet is like Disney land to you. You can fool around trying the pretty dresses and accessories and play doll up!


6.You can never not have appropriate clothing for any occasion


‘I don’t have clothes is’ no more an excuse for you! They have everything you could ever need and the best part…you are welcome to plunge knee deep in it. The best feeling ever!


7.Confess it, they taught you the language of Prada


They taught you to talk, walk and live fashion. The fact that you speak Prada is all because of their efforts.



8.They help you look your best. It’s like having a personal stylist


No matter if it’s a date, wedding or a brunch, they can dress you up in a blink for any occasion. They are your own personal stylist and they never get it wrong!


9. Your frugal shopping is no more a problem


The fact that shopping is just an unnecessary necessity for you is not a problem any more. Your closet may have 2 pair of jeans and a handful tops and you can still look like a celebrity every single day!


10.They teach you to treat yourself


They teach you to treat yourself to a little surprise every now and then and that is the best thing about having shopaholic friends. You learn to window shop and cherish the pretty things all around you! What a pick up when you are feeling he blues right!

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